Ashes Rant 05 August 2013

I read some comments on the internet this morning (I know, my mistake) about how this 3rd Test of The Ashes is a damp squib and has, by extension, ruined the series. I had to vent.

What on earth is wrong with all these whingers who “don’t want to retain The Ashes like this”!? It is in no way a retention “by default” just because it’s clinched by a draw: this is just one match, and we are already 2-0 up in the series. And you can’t blame the weather entirely even for this one match: it wasn’t the hugest amount of time lost, and it was well forecast. Test cricket is a time-limited, outdoor sport: the weather is part of it.

And as for it feeling like a cheap retention- drawn series aren’t as satisfying as ones which are won, but we still have two matches to go! So what they want is a series of exciting matches that comes down to the final match… well just stop being so greedy! It’s sport not a play.